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SILENCE & NOISE - Debut Collection 2009 Launched

Static electricity meets peaceful undercurrents

12 April
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Silence&Noise is about how static electricity meets peaceful undercurrents. The merge of everyday casual wear which represents silence and eclectic statement pieces which signify noise. Silence and noise complement each other in our everyday lives and often works as a transition with silence being behind the scenes and with noise being the center of attraction and of course there are in the in-betweens which bridge the two together. Our clothes provide the same elements, casual clothes to form the staples of your wardrobe, the in betweens to add an element of excitement to it and the quirky for the truly bold.

Featuring clothes from niche retails like Blackmarket and ArcActually, we aim to be at the forefront of fashion with cutting edge new looks. Alongside that affordable edgy looks from retailers such as Koumi Koumi, Grungy Laundry, Ohsofickle, Flair and more will also play a staple role in our collections.

Our retail experience starts on the Tuesday, 12th of May at Temasek Design School (TDS) in Temasek Polytechnic, with internationally renowned DJ inquisitive, who has shared stages with DJs like Steve Aoki and Diplo. He will be playing a 2 hour set alongside with our fashion show. So besides coming down for a visual feast get ready to be treated to a audio one and get ready to party with us!

Happening on the 12th, 13th and 14th of May, is our retail store whereby you can purchase the clothes we are featuring right off the runway! Get everything you could want in your wardrobe from us and forget buying those Nicholas Kirkwoods you were saving up for.

"Brace yourselves for a rude (but welcomed) awakening as fashion boundaries and limits are explored and redefined, with the event finally culminating in an impressive music and retail experience.
- Tashed.com"

Stylesheet by refuted.